Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Extra, Extra! Read all about it...

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This is the first technique from our very first Museletter...

Can you Resist it?

Here's a photo of the supplies. This technique works on a number of different surfaces. The steps are the same no mater what you're working on. In these step outs we'll be showing the technique on polymer clay so that is what's pictured (substitute surfaces at will).

Shake bottle of Art Masking Fluid(AMF), and let it sit for a minute or two. Paint flower dots onto conditioned polymer clay. Let dry completely. Remove fluid from brush immediately after use(the instructions on the bottle say to use soapy water, but, I get much better results using a baby wipe.) Use a cheap brush, if the AMF dries in the brush it is not easy to get out and might ruin the brush.

Apply Alcohol Ink to the clay using one or many colors, use a cosmetic sponge to GENTLY tap over the surface and even out the color.

Let the piece dry thoroughly!

Gently rub the AMF from the clay. Use the decorated clay in any project you like!

These (soon to be) earrings were made using a variation of the technique. Different colors were dropped on the surface of the clay after applying the AMF.

The glass on the left is frosted. Another variation of the technique: A layer of yellow alcohol ink was applied to the surface before applying the AMF. The piece on the right is clear glass.

The 'Can You Resist It' technique works beautify on canvas! (Prime canvas with gesso before using this technique.)

It also works on Shrink Plastic. (Remove the AMF before shrinking)

I will be posting more examples & variations of this technique on our Facebook Group, Artistgirl's Muse - Creative Studio. If you're on Facebook come and join in, and post your results & variations of this technique, or art you'd like to share. Friend me on Facebook. Most of all, have fun!!!